A-Squared Engineering Services Professional Corporation

A-Squared is a Registered Professional Design Firm in the State of Illinois. We employ Professional Engineers licensed in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

For all your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Inspection, Consulting, Procurement and Forensic engineering needs, call A-Squared Engineering today! (630) 733-1923

Providing turnkey Engineering solutions : Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Covered Porch, Hot Restaurant - right in the Heart of City of Chicago - we design it all - we are licensed and registered to work with City of Chicago. Call us!!!

Walls Getting In the Way - Remodeling the Last Century home to serve this century needs....

Residential and Commercial Inspection

Licensed Structural Engineer from A-Squared:

  • Will perform observation and measurement of the area.
  • Document the Professional Opinion.
  • Provide Preliminary Design Outline of any corrective actions as required.

Custom and Renovation Design

A-Squared Team:

  • Can perform on-site inspection, Material Testing and Construction Observation.
  • Will Manage the entire process of Procurement and Construction with in partnership/collabaration with your General Contractor and Architect.
  • Provide Permit Support, Develop detailed design and drawings in partnership with Owner, Architect and General Contractor.