Structural Design and Analysis:

Our experience includes structural design new buildings, additions and modifications, repair, strengthening and rehabilitation of a wide range of projects:

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial/ Retail
  • Office/ Insitutional
  • Educational
  • Medical facilities/ Hospitals
  • Transportation buildings
  • Religious

Our experience also includes Investigation and analysis of structural damage and structural issues. We also provide Structural Peer Review services for projects in the City of Chicago and several other municipalities in Illinois and Indiana.

Investigative/Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness:

The attorneys and legal community in general identify Engineers as experts based on our education, scientific training and experience.

We as Licensed Professional use this background to assist the legal community in preparing for litigation. We review expert reports and provide consultation to the legal community. Our professionals and affiliates have experience in arbitrations, depositions and courtroom testimony.

We understand the above service descriptions may not completely answer all of you questions relating to your particular situation. As such, please feel free to contact us to further discuss your particular situation in more detail and we can provide additional information or guidance.

Our investigative and forensic professionals complete a wide variety of engineering investigations on incidents which have caused property loss, casualty loss and/or personal injury. We use our scientific knowledge and methodologies to analyze materials, products and scenes to determine the area of the incident and the causes or contributory cause of the incident.