Our Core Values

A-Squared is driven by its values, its mission, its commitment to excellence, and the core values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation. Our Team Members uphold these values consistently and adopt the highest ethical standards in the way we work with our clients, within our community, and in our personal lives. It is our personal belief that these values will create a successful working environment for our clients and firm.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We stand behind our design and forensic investigation. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Our consulting clients know they can trust us to deliver a solid, high-quality plan each and every time. Our forensic clients have confidence that we always perform a thorough and meticulous examination, held to the highest standards of scientific analysis.


Real world conditions aren’t always perfect. Sometimes even the best laid plans encounter obstacles along the way. But we at A-Squared pride ourselves on innovation. We think outside the box and we enjoy finding creative solutions to problems. Whether it’s a complex design element or a complicated investigation, our team members thrive on inventive resolution.


We are on our clients team. We partner closely with our clients to understand their needs and exceed their expectations. We believe that clear and open communication is the key to a successful outcome for each and every project.